Withdrawal Policy

  1. Purpose:

The Withdrawal Policy for Kashf Journal of Multidisciplinary Research provides guidelines and procedures for authors who wish to withdraw their submitted manuscripts from consideration for publication.

  1. Author Responsibility:

Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, originality, and adherence to ethical standards of their submitted manuscripts. Once a manuscript has been submitted for consideration, authors are expected to adhere to the journal's policies and procedures.

  1. Reasons for Withdrawal:

Manuscripts may be withdrawn from consideration for publication for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Discovery of errors or inaccuracies that significantly impact the validity or integrity of the research.
  • Plagiarism or unethical conduct discovered within the manuscript.
  • Duplicate submission of the manuscript to another journal simultaneously.
  • Request by the authors due to personal or professional reasons.
  1. Withdrawal Request:

Authors wishing to withdraw their manuscript from consideration must submit a formal withdrawal request to the editorial office of Kashf Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. The withdrawal request should be sent via email and include the following details:

  • Manuscript title
  • Corresponding author's name and contact information
  • Reason for withdrawal (optional but encouraged for transparency)
  • Confirmation of withdrawal request from all co-authors, if applicable
  1. Editorial Review:

Upon receiving a withdrawal request, the editorial team will review the request and assess its validity. If the withdrawal request is deemed legitimate and meets the journal's withdrawal criteria, the manuscript will be officially withdrawn from consideration for publication.

  1. Publication Status:

If a manuscript has already been published online or in print prior to the withdrawal request, the journal will mark the manuscript as "Withdrawn" and include a statement indicating the reason for withdrawal, if provided by the authors.

  1. Ethical Considerations:

Kashf Journal of Multidisciplinary Research upholds ethical standards in handling withdrawal requests. The journal reserves the right to investigate cases of suspected misconduct or unethical behavior associated with withdrawal requests and take appropriate actions as necessary.